Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Stasi worshippers at CIF are pre-moderating my comments!

I have just received the following message from the staff at the Guardian's Comment Is Free:

Comrade, it has come to our attention that your posting on our comment pages does not meet our expectations. In particular, it has been noted that you have not met your quota for the following keywords:

towel folder
posh boys

You will understand that these keywords must be used as often as possible to get our great message across. What is more disturbing is that you have also made disparaging remarks about our glorious former leader, Gordon Brown. This is very disappointing.

You must consider carefully the implications of your behaviour comrade. It will be remembered when the great reckoning comes.

We have put your comments on to pre-moderation until your conduct improves. They will not be published until another comrade has checked that they are in the spirit of our great mission. This is purely for your own good comrade, to guide your behaviour in the correct direction.

We trust that you will come to your senses.
Viva la revolution!

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