Friday, 5 April 2013

Exciting Job Opportunities with Parrot Enterprises


These exciting opportunities have come about as a result of the Government's deregulation of the labour market and commitment to opt out of the ECHR.

To become more environmentally friendly Parrot's BTL Enterprises is moving towards an innovative water-less plumbing system in all its properties.

To meet this exciting challenge we require a number of Lavatory Emulation Technicians. Funded under our TOI (Training On Interest) system, successful candidates will gain outstanding experience in lavatory emulation.

Person Specification
- must be a hard-working striver who is willing to muck in and get dirty
- a people person who is willing to get behind others
 - excellent oral hygiene
- must be keen, willing to start at the bottom and work up
- able to take in and assimilate large amounts of relevant material in both solid and liquid formats

By the end of the training the successful candidates will be literally bursting with valuable experience and overflowing with skills for the modern workplace.

This training is also available on workfare

About TOI (Training on Interest)
Candidates will have all training fees paid up-front by Parrot Enterprises and once they have become qualified will pay them back with interest, which will be charged at an exceedingly reasonable 100% of earnings.

Applications in writing to

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  1. This is socialism Parrot. If people want training they should jolly well pay for it themselves. We can't afford the benefits bill any longer.